• Climate ceilings

    Integrate heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and acoustics into a single ceiling

  • Air ducts

    Guaranteed durability and easy cleaning. Optional integrated lighting!

  • Cooling and ventilation ceilings

    Integrate cooling, ventilation and lighting into a single ceiling. Draught-free cooling, durable and very simple to clean

  • Cooling and ventilation walls

    Cool your products to the right temperature. Durable cooling wall: Energy-efficient for products, comfortable for customers and staff

  • Rockfon ceilings

    Acoustic ceiling and wall solutions. Wide range of colours and sizes.

Climate ceilings

Looking for the perfect indoor climate?

An air-based climate ceiling offers an advanced solution to create a comfortable and efficient indoor climate. Dimkisol's special ceiling tiles achieve even temperature distribution without disruptive air movements. As well as heating and cooling, an air-based climate ceiling can also incorporate ventilation, lighting and acoustics, creating an all-in-one solution that optimises comfort and energy efficiency.

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