Dimkisol's cooling walls or ventilation walls are well suited for the uniform cooling of rooms fitted with wall racks. The products on the shelves are perfectly cooled, while the space in the middle remains slightly warmer, keeping visitors feeling comfortable.

Dimkisol cooling walls discreetly provide the perfect acclimatisation of a supermarket cold room, for example. Fruit, vegetables and other cold-storage products always remain at the ideal temperature, while customers visiting the cooled area always experience a comfortable ambient temperature. This keeps consumers on the spot for longer so they are likely to make more purchases.

Like our cooling ceilings, Dimkisol cooling walls can be fitted with integrated lighting and other helpful accessories. Optionally, false walls can also maximise acoustic comfort within the space in which they are installed.

The cooling or ventilation walls are manufactured entirely in our own workshop. They consist of cold-rolled, hot-galvanised sheets in perforated steel or stainless steel. Each panel measures 60 x 60 cm or 60 x 30 cm and is 0.6 mm thick. They are available in all colours.

If you opt for additional acoustic insulation, mineral wool mats are placed behind the walls.

The cooling mechanism itself must be installed by a recognised HVAC specialist.

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