Air ducts

Dimkisol air ducts ensure an ideal indoor climate without draughts or condensation. They can be used to cool or heat a space. If required, they can be fitted with acoustic mats.

Our air ducts evolved from the ingenious use of our successful Polyval tiles, which are used for the ventilation of spaces of all kinds. This feature makes the panels the ideal basis for our Dimkisol air ducts.  They can both cool and heat the space in which they are installed. They can also optionally be fitted with acoustic inserts.

The advantages of this type of air duct are obvious.

They can be installed very easily, without requiring a specialist. Adjustments to the system are problem-free too. The ducts can be fitted with lighting elements as required and are very easy to maintain. Using a damp cloth removes the need to use a specialised cleaning firm. 
They also have a very long lifespan.

In short, Dimkisol air ducts are a simple and above all cost-effective solution for ventilating your premises!

They are available as standard in four colours - white, stainless steel, RAL 7022 Umbra grey and RAL 7047 Telegrey. Other colours are available on request They have a standard length of 3 metres and the widths and heights listed below:

  • 735 mm wide x 735 mm high
  • 735 mm wide x 435 mm high
  • 1335 mm wide x 735 mm high
  • 1335 mm wide x 435 mm high

For more information about this product, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will prepare a quotation entirely tailored to your project.


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