Cooling and ventilation ceilings

Our cooling ceilings or ventilation ceilings disperse cool air very unobtrusively, cooling large rooms evenly without unpleasant draughts.

This makes our cooling or ventilation ceilings the ideal solution for spaces that need to stay cool at all times. Think of your local supermarket's cold stores, flower auctions, data rooms, clean rooms and even office spaces.

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Unlike air conditioning, a cooling ceiling distributes cold air very evenly across the entire room. The result? A perfectly cooled room with a strikingly comfortable ambient temperature. So visiting customers do not feel the urge to escape the cold, but can view or purchase your products in a pleasant indoor climate. Your staff can also work to their best ability in the cooled space, increasing efficiency.

The ceiling tiles come in sizes 60 x 60 cm / 60 x 30 cm. The steel is fully galvanised and painted. We offer five colours as standard, but other colours are available as an option.

If required, we can fit the panels with cut-outs for sprinkler systems, lighting elements or other accessories.

The air conditioning system itself should be installed by an HVAC specialist in consultation with us.

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